Customized  Packages

“The Consultancy Inc CA” has successfully developed long-term relationships with our clients because of our ability to quickly meet their business needs."

We customize consultancy packages to meet your needs.

Strong Quality Control

Step 1

We determine the needs of your organization in an initial briefing session

Step 2

Based on the initial briefing we meet with key personnel

Step 3

We make recommendations which may / may not include additional needs of the organization based on overall initial interviews balanced against the objectives outlined.

Step 4

A ‘Lead Consultant’ is assigned to the project. Based on the size of the project the ‘Lead Consultant’ is assigned an ‘Associate’.

Step 5

For larger consultancy projects a full team is assigned which may include a Business Analyst, Marketing Strategist, Project Manager, Trainer, Coach, Research Analyst, Financial Consultant, Legal Consultant, PR Specialist, Social Media & Viral Marketing Coordinator as is necessary.

Here’s What  WE Can Do to Help

The Consultancy has the professionalism, expertise & quality system to deliver a full range of consultancy services.  The team has associations with various persons on a regional & international levels.  This allows the provision to source additional expertise & assistance from other areas in order to meet the needs of clients.

The key to our client service is our seamless integration of functional expertise with deep industry knowledge on a global scale.


  • We aid you in creating opportunities for new brand or existing product ranges
  • We will work conjunction with our distributors, manufacturers & other subcontractors to make sure you get the best expertise
  • ‘The Consultancy Inc CA’ will act as your Project Management Team, often saving the cost / need for employing several senior staff.
  • We help you with your business needs – from budgets & forecasts to pricing & commercial design
  • Extensive experience in creating local & international strategic business, marketing plans
  • Expertise in organizational behavior & succession planning:
    • Creation of long-term training program
    • Coaching & development
    • Employee profiling & job matching
    • Inspiring employees to focus on & exceed objectives outlined
    • Research & feasibility studies

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For every engagement, your team is hand-selected from our experts who know
your business and industry.

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Servicing North America, Latin America, the Caribbean & Europe

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