Ever heard the saying “Change is constant!”?
Almost everyone has…but it is one cliché that is so apt, especially for leaders.
In a changing business environment, with changing needs and resources, perhaps one of the greatest leadership skills is the ability to flex and adapt.

The right leadership is never one thing because the reality is in order to keep your sanity, and that of your staff, you may have to change personality, gears and sometimes roads. The right leadership is dependent on your reaction in changing circumstances.

So changing gears, here are some you can engage

Gear 1- Focus

Do you lead headstrong, or free-spirited individuals?

Then you need to shift the gear to focus and steer them into the correct direction. They usually have it right, but when they don’t, you need gotta step in.

Demonstrate your expertise and ambitions. However, this is not permission to abuse your power. The team loves when you lead them, by allowing them to find the path, themselves.


Not every leader is charismatic or a dynamic public speaker, but it does help when you need to share the vision and/or persuade a partner.

Gear 3- Connect Deeply

Charisma has its place, but there is also a time for building relationship and trust. Communicate well with your staff; influence and inspire them.  You don’t realize just how much impact you have until you share your experiences and give them an opportunity to share their challenges in an open atmosphere. Discuss legitimate pushbacks professionally and convert if you need to. You are not HITLER, Don’t just declare.

Gear 4 -Recharge.

It is one I personally love.
Find some balance and time to shut down and recharge. Allow another staff to lead, gain some personal development and grow.

 The right leader drives well, engage any of these gears at the right moment and you will be on the road to being a successful leader.

Changing Gears of Leadership