How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitches

Hi, I am Charlene Ashley, I help business people balance.

I turn and shake your hand, your next move should be to turn, accept my handshake and ask me with a curious look on your face…Really?  How?

And wallah -we’re talking business- I just aced my elevator pitch.

A lot of young people find elevator pitches a pain and insist on stuffing their 1 hour “Who I am speech” in a 3 sec elevator (real or not) ride. But let’s elevate those elevator pitches in 3 easy steps.

Once you get in the elevator,

  1. Be brief, but strong.

The aim is use the shortest, most memorable route to sum up your benefit to clients. It is simple an appetizer not the main course.  A good elevator pitch will offer you the opportunity to offer more information about your business or yourself. It is also important to use confident, strong passionate language.

“I help students build dreams“- career coach/teacher

“I ensure audience participation”- ice-breaker guru,

  1. Be clear-

Even while you are being mysterious and interesting, you ought to be clear about what it is you do, and what value you can offer. Additionally, practice your pace, tone and pitch to ensure you don’t mumble.

  1. Be Audience specific-

An elevator pitch is of no use if the falls on the wrong ears. It therefore means you ought to define and establish who your audience will be; then you can pitch to your preferred target audience or someone who can help you reach your target audience. Even if your pitch is the briefest, clearest most memorable, it won’t sell if the audience is not interested.

I’d love for you to share your elevator pitches in the comments.

Best wishes for your next pitch!