Life doesn’t come with a manual. We face obstacles throughout our being; sometimes we genuinely lack the knowledge of what should be our next step… However, we don’t always have to panic as there are people that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. You can look to them to be a mentor.

Sure, no one wants to seem like they need someone to survive in life, but having an ally, a Mentor helps. Mentorship in its’ simplest definition is obtaining guidance, advice and help from an experienced person who has ‘some of the answers for the test of life’. A tutor in passing an exam is extremely which is what a mentor is when it comes to taking some of the tests life throws at you.

Experience Personal & Career Growth

Valuing mentorship is really valuing growth. When you really think about it, you should become wiser as time passes by. Through mentorship you can gain significant knowledge to advance not only your career but your performance in life. Through mentorship you receive practical advice, encouragement and support; learn from the experiences of others; increase your social and academic confidence. Mentorship also helps with the ‘smaller things’ J like building confidence; becoming more empowered to make decisions, developing your communication, study and personal skills and developing strategies for dealing with personal;  academic  and professional issues.

Mentoring by the Nation’s Most Influential Leaders

Mentorship again creates bonds that are not easily broken as being in a space of mentorship places you in a circle of like-minded people.This placement of like-minded people is what The Consultancy Inc CA’s Leaders Inner Circle programme facilitates. Imagine being mentored by the most influential leaders of a nation. Sounds pretty cool.  The mentorship program places ‘high-potential’ individuals with the some of the nation’s most influential and experienced leaders in selected learning tracks. Become the greatest YOU.  Be mentored.  Experience what it’s like to bond with someone that will teach you a little bit or a lot more than you thought you would ever know.

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