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*previously Ashchar Consultants Ltd


“You guys are definitely a winner.  Product is awesome.  The world awaits your unsurpassed professional delivery” – Marc


“I think you guys did a fabulous job handling our portfolio.  We received unexpected mileage & publicity as a result of the mountain of effort & your high level of organization” –   Brian


“We know who to call when we are ready to expand to the Netherlands “-  Trevor


“Innovative, professional, extremely good, sound ideas” –   Sean

Campbells Sales Company

Charlene and her team conceptualised and executed marketing strategies and plans for products under Campbells Sales Company inclusive of our premiere brand V8 Splash and V8 Vegetable Juice and Invigor8

The team’s work included development of ad campaigns, promotional activities and liaison with distributors. As the opportunity and in turn the need developed for expansion into new markets the team aided with critical research on taste profiles and taste adjustments needed for the various markets. Further, as we sought to enter into new beverage category the team expertly developed, and in turn executed a fulsome marketing program (for the new market category) continuously keeping focus on corporate objectives outlined.

Not only was the team energetic and a pleasure to work with, but more importantly they executed at very high standards and displayed excellent consumer and market understanding. The dedication and willingness to work long hours to get the job done rendered the team an invaluable asset which was pivotal to the success our brands in the market.

Coffee, Agro-processing, Agriculture. Food & Beverage

I worked with team from The Consultancy Inc and bear no hesitation in recommending them as a team of knowledgeable, hardworking professionals who are experts in their field. They work assiduously to ensure all their activities are executed efficiently and seamlessly while ensuring full partnership with us as their client.

Their work with us was on the implementation of a project to develop an app for the JCC to assist in the adoption of best practices by the farmers while providing for management of farmer productivity and other critical parameters pertinent to the business of the company. The Consultancy Inc, seamlessly managed procurement and distribution of agronomic inputs and technical assistance to farmers, training, IT integration and competence building.

With a clear focus on improvement of quality and productivity for international market readiness, The Consultancy Inc continuously worked with our team to establish the best strategies towards a sustainable estate coffee product.

The leadership clearly understands various international markets and economic considerations and was able to balance that against the realities of the farmers.

I recommend The Consultancy Inc, CA without hesitation. – Alvin Pitter

Barrington Pearson

I have had the pleasure of working with The Consultancy Inc. CA in the execution of the development of a Coffee Agro-Cluster in the Blue Mountains. The Consultancy Inc, CA ably led the design and installation of a water harvesting and distribution system, providing irrigation to farmers within the cluster.

The company’s work was inclusive of the allocation of resources to ensure project success and the determination of required agronomic inputs. The company also guided the procurement and distribution of coffee seedlings along with the agronomic inputs. Agri-business training was also provided.

The team leveraged available company resources to provide training and technical assistance in the implementation of best practices in coffee production among the cluster farmers, in addition to providing direction on the development of a management framework to ensure oversight and sustainability of the cluster.

Barrington Pearson

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Over the years, The Consultancy Inc, has accumulated an impressive database of clients, assignments & projects for Fortune 500 companies, medium and large sized entities

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With years of experience, The Consultancy Inc employs a proven consultancy model. We specialize in delivering deep analysis and recommendation focussed on driving effective, measurable & sustainable value for organizations around the globe in a variety of industries. Our execution is characterised by:

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