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We implement business-enhancing, agile PM strategies that improve project & portfolio performance; utilizing process, discipline & leadership to break down functional silos, engage stakeholders & ensure initiatives are completed within budget, scope & schedule.



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Our team manages numerous projects for some of largest business interests in North America & Jamaica.

Recent projects have included:

Grace Multi-Crop / Indigenous Products Supply Chain Project

This project had two major components. 

  1. The Ackee Depot – The establishment of a state of the art Ackee Depot equipped with humidity control systems for the safe and efficient opening of ackees
  2. The Agro-Park – The establishment of a 100-acre multi-crop mechanized Agro-park for the production of sweet cassava, round leaf yellow yams using the Minisett technology, ackees and seasoning and spices.

Grace Agro Processors – GAP Vegetable Protected Climate Smart Agriculture Supply Chain Project

This project saw the use of climate smart technology being used in the construction of the island’s largest green houses equipped with automated nutrient disbursement technology and climate smart apparatus for the maintenance of pro-growing conditions for selected vine and vegetable crops.  The implementation established the facility saw units configured to, withstand a CAT4 hurricane with winds of up to 156 mph.

Jamaica Coffee Corporation – Creating Efficient “Coffee Estate Farms” through the use of Management Information Systems

Technology in the hands of coffee farmers – the project saw an app being developed to aid farmers in increasing outputs via use of best coffee farming practices.  Along with the development of the application coffee farmers were trained and outfitted with tablets.

Jamaica Cocoa Farmers Association JCFA - Strengthening Post Harvest Processes & Rehabilitation of Cocoa Farms

The activities aid in forwarding the Association’s overarching goal of helping to resuscitate the cocoa industry in Jamaica, and in particular, for cocoa produced at the drying facilities (FSDs) to be collected, prepared, exported and marketed internationally in a transparent and efficient manner.  The activities also further the objective of farmers receiving up to 80% of the FOB price and thus ensuring the viability of the farmers within the supply chain’s sustainability as well as that of the industry.

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