Charlene Ashley | Business Agility During Crisis

Gleaner article, published: Sunday August 9, 2020

How to 'COVID-19 proof' your career

All Woman, Observer article, published: November 30, 2020

Promoting Tourism for Local

Financial Gleaner article, published: April 26, 2002

Cricket as a Tourism Product

Financial Gleaner article

The Secret of Creating a Dynamic Campaign

AMK Business suite, published 2000

Creating the Right Image for the Teaching Industry

Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA), published October 28, 2008



As companies look to expand their reach and tap into new markets, business internationalizing can be a crucial step to achieving growth and success. New territory penetration and access to new markets brings opportunities, but it also comes with its relative...

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Tools for Efficient Work-From-Home

YOUR REMOTE TECH TOOLKIT As work-from-home becomes the norm for many individuals it requires some adjustment. While it may be a dream come true for many it can pose a challenge for others. We have to ask the question of how do we ensure that we still give high-quality...

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Hacking Life With Mentorship

Life doesn’t come with a manual. We face obstacles throughout our being; sometimes we genuinely lack the knowledge of what should be our next step… However, we don’t always have to panic as there are people that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences....

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The Importance of Project Management

Project management as a science and art is undergoing key transformations as a result of countless stories of failed projects, cost overruns, and canceling that project that took 2 years of your employee's lives. These scenarios not only cost money, time, and lost...

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Going International

Going International

Tips for penetrating the “impenetrable” international market Imagine a world without… Foreign imported luxury cars or Doritos Sounds good? Maybe not, but thanks to the brave souls who conquered and penetrated the rough seas of an impenetrable international market. If...

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Leading Your Job Interviews

Leading Your Job Interviews

Leading your job interviews (without your interviewers knowing it) Yes- You landed the interview. Congratulations on acing that step!But how do you ensure that you land the job? You can lead the interview; lead the competition and the lead the company into believing...

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How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitches

How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitches

Hi, I am Charlene Ashley, I help business people balance. I turn and shake your hand, your next move should be to turn, accept my handshake and ask me with a curious look on your face…Really?  How? And wallah -we’re talking business- I just aced my elevator pitch. A...

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