Leading Your Job Interviews

Leading your job interviews (without your interviewers knowing it) Yes- You landed the interview. Congratulations on acing that step!But how do you ensure that you land the job? You can lead the interview; lead the competition and the lead the company into believing that you are the best candidate for the position.

 Here’s how it works. Research and Sell- How can the company benefit from hiring you? Who is their audience and what problems are they trying to solve? Communicate in a memorable, persuasive way your impressive accomplishments and expertise that specifically meet their needs. Get some talking points-How do you want them to remember you?Forget your well rehearsed formal script. Identify key selling points and frame them into powerful punch pieces.

 Don’t sound rehearsed, be natural and compelling. As you go along you can tweak.This helps reduce nervousness and mistakes, by making you comfortable. It will also help you own your strengths and remember your talking points Put all those together. All the best for your next interview!